Bernadette Women's Edwardian Oxfords (Ivory/Black)

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We're excited to introduce Bernadette Oxfords, in collaboration with the incomparable Bernadette Banner!

These attractive lace-up shoes have all the style and sass of footwear from c. 1900 through the 1920s and will keep you on your feet and comfortable all day, whether you're attending historical costuming events or walking the streets of New York City. Bernadettes feature our sturdy 2 inch / 5 cm French heel, welted hard-wearing leather soles, pointed toes, and an adjustable lace-up closure, plus all that style with eye-catching contrast stripes on all-leather uppers. Delicious!


    Size Trends Runs true to size for most customers.
    Width Women's regular/medium width

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    Color Ivory & Black
    Upper 100% leather
    Lining Leather
    Sole Sealed leather
    Heel Custom French heel, leather covered
    Heel Height 2 inch / 5 cm
    Footbed Lightly padded
    Closure Lace-up

    Design Designed in Reno, Nevada, USA
    Materials China
    Assembly Made in China

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    The toe splay struggle

    I've bought plenty of pairs of AD shoes in different models and even sizes, and I've found that there's never enough room in the toes. Sizing up (or accidentally buying half a size bigger than you need, like I did) didn't help, ball of foot cushions didn't help, and I doubt buying shoes in a wider width would be any use - my B-width shoes fit just fine everywhere except for the toe area. The toe boxes tend to be very rigid and constructed in such a way that they curve my otherwise straight big toes inward, and OH BOY DOES IT HURT after just a few hours of wear! Thankfully, I was able to stretch them with a shoe stretcher and a stretching spray, which made a world of a difference (I could only wear them for 3 hours tops with no stretching, and then had to take them off because I couldn't bear the pain anymore, but after stretching I can wear them for 8+ hours with no pain at all).

    I've also found that the color from the lining rubs off onto stockings, but only for the first few wears. Other than that, I'm fully satisfied with all of the shoes I've bought so far after stretching them, and the heels are indeed as comfortable as the other reviews say, but I can't bring myself to leave 5 stars because of all the effort it takes to convince the shoes to stop trying to give me bunions. Then again, I've spent most of my life wearing sneakers and flats, so I suppose I'm more sensitive to the differences than the people who switch to AD shoes after wearing modern high heels.

    Literally the best

    This was the first pair of American Duchess shoes I ever purchased (they lived rent free in my head for maybe 2 years before I realised I had to get them) and became an instant favourite. They look just as beautiful in person as they do on the pictures and although I was terrified of getting the size wrong, I trusted the scale, taking the size that aligned with my foot length measurement and my EU size, and they are a perfect fit. They aren't just comfortable, they feel like a natural part of your feet, which means comfort even for an entire day of wear (which I have done). Very grateful for the extra heel caps too, a very thoughtful addition. This will probably become a gateway to more AD shoes, so be wary of that!

    Amazing shoes!!!!!

    These shoes are my absolute favorite shoes I've ever had the pleasure of owning, I've been eying them from the moment I saw them on Bernadette Banners youtube channel, and I finally purchased them a few months ago, and they are absolutely wonderful! they're comfortable, they're sturdy, and they also look incredible! even though I had some sizing issues when i first received them, the team here on American duchess were so helpful and effective so returning the shoes and getting them in my size was so easy and simple.

    I'm already trying to figure out which shoes I wanna buy next and i can't wait to make my next purchase :)

    My new favorites

    This was my first pair of shoes from American Duchess and I love my new Bernadettes! In the photos the leather looked a tiny bit orange to me but in reality it's a beautiful light brown. I bought black ribbons together with the shoes and switched the laces, that looks great as well. Even before wearing them in, the shoes are already very comfortable. I rarely wear shoes with heels but I have absolutely no problem walking in these. No problems with the shipping process (to Germany) either. I'm so glad there is now a European shop as well and this for sure won't be the last pair I buy :)
    PS: Thanks for the lollipop :)

    Amazing fit!

    I got these in 2020 as a gift for myself, and it took a while before I had a chance to wear them. I can report, however, that they fit perfectly and stood up to a whole night of very vigorous dancing - and left my feet no worse for the wear afterwards!

    You'd expect some chafing or blisters, after 4 solid hours of dancing to EDM at a goth dance party. But my feet were fine. The *only* complaints I have is that they fit so perfectly that it's a bit hard to remove them afterwards if I've been wearing them for a while, and that the colour from the insole rubbed off onto the ivory stockings I got to pair with them. I'm working on removing the stains, but a solution for how to prevent further dye transfer would be nice.