Hazel Women's Vintage Pumps (Navy)

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Glamour and practicality pair perfectly with the beautiful Hazel slip-on pumps. Glossy leather, an almond-shaped toe, 2.5 in / 6.35 cm repro heel, and the cutest little ribbon bow tie make these beautiful shoes perfect for the 1920s all the way through to 1950.


Size Trends Runs true to size for most customers.
Width Women's regular/medium width
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Color Navy Blue
Upper 100% Calf Leather
Lining Pigskin leather
Sole Leather
Heel Leather Covered
Heel Height 2.5 inch / 6.35 cm
Footbed Lightly Padded
Closure Slip-on
Design Designed in Reno, Nevada, USA
Materials People's Republic of China
Assembly Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Just like what others have said, these shoes are both comfy AND cute. I NEVER wear heels. Im 6 ft tall and my hubby is 6'7'', so I do not need the height. I've worked as a chef for almost 30 years and have destroyed my feet, legs, knee, back, and joints. I'm legally disabled due to my legs. Discovered the brand on Karolina Zebrowska's channel. I haven't bought a pair of heels in a decade but thought they might work. They are PERFECT. Leather inside and out. Well made like shoes 10x the price.
Sizing: I wear a European 43. A "B" width is usually too narrow and "D" width wide is too wide. On top of that, I really am a USA 11.5. I felt condemned to wear shoes that are either a bit too big or a bit too small (usually too small with "nice" shoes like Jimmy Choos, Louboutins, Manolos Blahniks all stopping at 42). These shoes are a bit on the big side but that will work out great when I put ortho soles in them.
Comfort: Standing and cooking is my baseline to test things like comfortable shoes. I was able to comfortably wear these shoes while standing constantly in my kitchen on my slate floors while cooking for about an hour with no inserts and straight out of the box. The only reason I took them off is bc I'm just not used to wearing heels and I had about 3 more hours of cooking to do.
I am DEF buying more shoes from this vendor and hope all this info helps someone else to make their shoe purchase(s)

Sam B
I was planning on overdyeing these

I was thinking of getting a pair of Hazels...in ivory, or oxblood red, or black. Then they went on sale, and the red sold out before I even knew about it! So, I figured, get one of the other sale colors and dye them, right? But when they showed up, the color is such a pretty, deep forest green that I don't want to change them at all!

I ordered my regular shoesize, even though my feet are wide across the ball (and yet narrow in the heel somehow). The Hazels are snug enough at the heel that they don't feel like they'll slip off; the ball area is comfortable enough that I could probably wear them for a couple hours right out of the box with no issues, but I'll break them in a little before any all-day outings. The quality is excellent, so much attention to detail! and I'm actually looking forward to wearing heels with modern clothes, for the first time in decades!

Cute and comfortable

Finally got to wear my Hazel shoes out last night. While I'm very familiar with how well balanced American Duchess shoes are, I was surprised at the comfort of these shoes. My feet have grown too accustomed to running shoes since the pandemic hit, and wearing structured shoes now has at least a few moments of discomfort. Not so with the Hazel shoes. They are also so cute and stylish! Love them!